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Recruitment information:

I. general workers:

Recruitment criteria:

Education: college degree or above, excellent condition can be relaxed.

Age: 18-28 years old (subject to id age)

Other requirements: good health, hard-working, able to obey management, good learning ability and teamwork ability. Can adapt to shift work mode.

Working hours and modes:

Changbai: 9:00-17:30 (upper sixth rest and one day)

Shift: day shift 7:30-19:30 night shift 19:30- 7:30 the next day (including meal time)

The working mode is two shifts, one shift every ten days, and four days' rest per month.

Ii. R&d engineer

Job responsibilities: focus on the research and development of integrated optoelectronic chips for communication and credit

Job requirements:

1. Master/doctor degree, major in physics/optical communication/optoelectronics, cet-4 or above

2. Familiar with the semiconductor chip processing technology of communication credit, familiar with the working principle and laser performance parameters of semiconductor laser, and proficient in data processing ability; Working in communication semiconductor chip processing industry is preferred.

3. Have learning experience in physical theory, and have participated in the project of semiconductor laser integrated chip.

4. Outgoing, good at communication, solid attitude, willing to learn and progress

Process engineer


1. Responsible for the process analysis and processing of related posts, and the formulation and debugging of related machine processes;

2. Responsible for the preparation and revision of post SOP documents, and the related training for operators;

3. Measure product parameters;

4. Able to work closely with other engineers;

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, majored in electronic engineering, optoelectronics technology, material science or other related majors (excellent fresh students are also welcome);

2. Have working experience in semiconductor industry, master the working principle and main technical indicators of the machine;

3. Strong communication skills, strong teamwork ability, willing to grow together with the company.

Iv. The company /6S specialist


1. Document control and implementation inspection;

2. Formulated 6S program and organized its implementation;

3. Assisted the company in internal and external audit (third-party audit, customer audit reception); Follow up the corrective actions and verify the results according to the problems found by internal and external audit;

4. Other temporary assigned work.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, under 30 years old, with more than three years of working experience, excellent undergraduate students can be relaxed;

2. familiar with ISO9001 system requirements, manufacturing/semiconductor industry is preferred;

3. Have systematic internal auditor training; External auditor preferred;

4. Enthusiastic, positive, good at communicating with others, capable of teamwork.

Financial personnel


1. Prepared the general ledger and subsidiary ledger of the company, and recorded the company's business transactions timely and accurately;

2. Provide internal financial management reports, operation statistics and financial analysis to the company's management;

3. Accounting treatment, cost accounting and fixed asset management;

4. Provide statements to relevant government departments and pay various taxes;

5. Handled account reimbursement, annual inspection, and coordinated matters of industry, commerce and tax authorities;

6. Review the reimbursement payment;

7. Other tasks assigned by leaders.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 3 years relevant working experience;

2. Familiar with national accounting standards and relevant financial, tax, auditing laws and policies;

3. Familiar with the financial workflow of manufacturing enterprises, as well as the accounting treatment, declaration and review of high-tech enterprises.


1. Working hours: 9:00-17:30 (weekends and weekends)

2. Five social insurance and one housing fund, meal allowance, transportation allowance, paid annual leave and other benefits

3. Provide free accommodation (4-6 persons/room), and each dormitory is equipped with air conditioner, water heater and independent toilet;

4. Holiday benefits; The year-end bonus shall be distributed according to the company's performance; Free shuttle.